Academic Unit





The Academic Unit specially focuses on scholastic and university-related matters. Aiming for a better academic performance each year, the unit has prepared a few number of beneficial events to help motivate the students in achieving excellent and satisfactory academic record. 


1) Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Language Session

A one-time big event to help the students learn the correct usage of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and revise what has been learned, in a fun, engaging and effective way. A local lecturer from a well-known university in Egypt is invited to conduct the six-hour intensive program to ensure that the students receive the most accurate, reliable and informative study.

2) Usrah (Sepetang Bersama)

Over the past years, usrah has been a medium to establish and strengthen bonds between the students – juniors and seniors – and to help each other in school subjects. But as for this session, the concept has been changed, making it into a small platform for discussion on issues relating to school, self-reflection, experiences and sharing of effective ways of study and revision.

3) Game Show (Azhariy Neutron)

An informative quiz game show to enhance the students’ critical and fast thinking in dealing with various field and situations. In addition to that, it helps increase awareness on the importance of knowing subjects from other faculties in an interactive, refreshing and beneficial way.

4) Battle of Classes

As said by a wise man, Sayyiduna Ali karramallahu wajhah, “A person’s value is determined by his hardwork.”

Inspired by the concept of seeking knowledge in Islam, this program is an initiative by the unit that its primary objective is to motivate the students to attend lectures in school regularly and instilling a sense of responsibility and unity among them.  For every faculty, a monitor has been appointed to ensure regular attendance of students to school. The class with the highest record of attendance will subsequently be given a token as a motivational prize.

5) Words of Wisdom (W.O.W)

Traditionally commencing 30 days before final year examinations as a countdown, for this session, the unit has decided to post motivational quotes and words of wisdom on PERKEMAS Facebook page every 5 alternate days.

6) Solat Hajat

While feeding the thoughts and burning of midnight oil, one needs to feed the soul every now and then to ensure a good quality time with the Creator. Hence, this congregational Hajat prayer has been held over the past years at PERKEMAS Clubhouse before examination to ask Allah for strength, perseverance and to help ease any difficulties in both lives; here and the hereafter.