Dakwah Unit



Dakwah Unit is a unit tasked to facilitate training and outreach-based activities primarily in Singapore for PERKEMAS members.


In this 2015/2016 session, we aim to form new networking and strengthen the existing bonds between PERKEMAS and the Muslim Societies of various Universities in Singapore and to provide a platform that enables exchanging of knowledge, experience and ideas in the fields that we major in. With the knowledge taught by the scholars of Al-Azhar, we will be providing a guideline for our target audience; higher tertiary Muslim students from local universities, on deeper understanding of Islam as to rectify some common misunderstandings within it.


It acts as a medium to return the goodwill and contributions of the society for PERKEMAS and also a platform to bridge our undergraduates and the muslim society in Singapore.


Dakwah Unit is conducting Camp L.I.T (Light of Islamic Tradition) with the theme “ENLIGHTENMENT” as to enlighten the misconceptions upon Islam in these challenging times. This camp aim to share the traditional elements of learning Islam through engaging activities and it also provides two-way communication and sharing of opinions. This 2 days 1 night camp will be held on 13 & 14 August or 20 & 21 August at Sultan Mosque (venue to be confirmed) with a number of 60 participants from different local universities, and 40 people from DU members, PERKEMAS members, and other Islamic Universities as adhocs. Our main highlights of the camp consist of Arabic Calligraphy Workshop, an open forum, a group discussion and historical trail.

The first highlight of the events, Arabic Calligraphy Workshop. Dakwah Unit will strongly urge the need to rekindle the traditional methods that our scholars used back then as a mean of communication, which has now been set aside through the advent of modern technology.

The second highlight of the events, an open forum. Panelists of different academic fields and backgrounds – will discuss certain Islamic contemporary issues in their own perspective, adhering to the etiquette of a proper seeker of knowledge, followed by a Q&A session.

Next highlight of the events, group discussion. This session will provide a platform for participants to discuss, share and exchange ideas regarding contemporary issues related to Islam, from both secular and traditional perspective. The discussions will be supervised by a number of guest mentors assisting with the flow of the discussions to avoid any argument between the participants.

The final highlight of the events, historical trail. This event will be held at various places that had played a huge role in forming the Islamic history in Singapore. Participants will be divided into group of 8 and it will be played out in a form of “Running Man”. To prevent any hiccups, each group will be supervised by our very own facilitators that will ensure the smooth sailing of the event.