History :

PERKEMAS was founded on the 26th of December 1969 with aims to cater to the well-being of the Singaporean students residing in Egypt. The abbreviation PERKEMAS is Malay for The Singaporean Students Welfare Assembly in Cairo, Egypt. PERKEMAS’ dynamics are currently based primarily in its Markas (centre) situated in the Seventh District, Nasr City, Building 6, Nasr Khisru Street, Apartment 3 & 4, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. The first student union to lead PERKEMAS was former Grand Mufti of Singapore Ustaz Syed Isa bin Mohamed Semait. With the noble efforts of his Eminence and his peers, PERKEMAS continue to exist as of date.

List of Presidents :

1969-71: Ustaz Syed Isa Bin Muhammad Semait
1971-73: Ustaz Mokhtar Bin Abdul Aziz
1973-75: Ustaz Muhammad Bin Haji Rais
1975-77: Ustaz Mahmud Bin Abdul Majid
1977-79: Ustaz Zainal Arifin Bin Haji Sharbini
1979-80: Ustaz Karim Bin Ahmad
1980-82: Ustaz Anwari Bin Rawee
1982-87: Ustaz Karim Bin Ahmad
1987-88: Ustaz Zainuddin Bin Hashim
1988-89: Ustaz Mohd Mamfizam Bin Bakaram
1989-90: Ustaz Mohd Murad Bin Mohd Aris
1990-91: Ustaz Bukhari Bin Muhammad
1991-92: Ustaz Mohd Fatris Bin Bakram
1992-93: Ustaz Nor Razak Bin Bakar
1993-94: Ustaz Mohd Zakir Bin Isahak
1994-95: Ustaz Roslan Bin Aman
1995-96: Ustaz Firdaus Bin Yahya
1996-97: Ustaz Roslan Bin Aman
1997-98: Ustaz Mohd Khair Bin Rahmat
1998-99: Ustaz Mahzan Bin Ahmad
1999-00: Ustaz Mohamed Bin Ali
2000-02: Ustaz Nazirudin Bin Mohd Nasir
2002-03: Ustaz Abdul Mukhsein Bin Mohd Shariff
2003-04: Ustaz ‘Afif Bin Pasuni
2004-05: Ustaz Mohamed Rizal Bin Abdul Rahim
2005-06: Ustaz Irwan Hadi Bin Mohd Shuhaimy
2006-07: Ustaz Mohammed Noor Bin Mohammed Deros
2007-08: Ustaz Muhammad Islaahuddin Bin Jumat
2008-09: Ustaz Taufiq Bin Radja Nurul Bahri
2009-10: Ustaz Muhammad Fakhrur Radzi Bin Mohd Noor
2010-11: Ustaz Ahmad Helmi Bin Mohamad Hasbi
2011-12: Ustaz Muhammad Salleh Bin Abdul Salim
2012-13: Ustaz Muhammad Ismail Bin Mohamed Sarip
2013-14: Ustaz Ahmad Qushairy Bin Mohd Ariff
2014-15: Ustaz Muhammad Fairuzee bin Salihuddin
2015-16: Ustaz Abdul Syakur bin Halid
2016-17: Ustaz Abdillah bin Amirnordin